Chocolate bars New york city

At Sugar and Plumm

We are proud to offer

We are proud to offer

we invite you to indulge in our Artisan chocolates.

Gifts Boxes new-york chocolate

We are proud to offer

We are proud to offer

We are proud to offer

a whole choice of custom items for your holiday gifts and special gifting needs..

The best boxes chocolate usa

We can create

We are proud to offer

We can create

a custom sleeve or custom ribbon with your logo to complement your gift.

The best macarons new-York

Our French Macarons

Our French macarons are made in- house by hand in small batches with only the highest quality goods.  Since we use no preservatives you must refrigerate our macarons. 

The best chocolate New-York

Our Chocolates

Our chocolate laboratory is at the helm of Master French Chocolatier Thierry Atlan (M.O.F.).   Our chocolate bonbons are hand crafted using fresh ingredients and no preservatives. 

Artisan Chocolatiers. Magical Macaron Makers.

A Classic Brand, At Sugar and Plumm we strive to be the best at what we make.

Discover a world of enchanting confections and delectable chocolates, all made in-house and crafted from only the freshest and most 

sought after ingredients.

Our team of master chefs, pastry chefs and chocolatiers are the purveyors of all things delicious and delightful, all created with the watchful eyes of Thierry Atlan, MOF Chocolatier

 (best craftsman in his category).

Thierry Atlan is at the helms of our production, using his best skills and knowledge to make our products unique and flavorful..

We simply believe that fine quality chocolate makes you feel better.

Ever since chocolate was imported from the new world to Europe in the 16th century, every one, scientists, philosophers and gourmands alike recognized its unique properties.

They quickly noticed that chocolate made them feel good, uplifted their spirits within minutes and cured a host of other illnesses.

So, following this centuries old discovery, we invite you to indulge in our high quality chocolates and enjoy a few pieces everyday. 

Because, in the words of some experts, “There are all sorts of foods, but chocolate is chocolate”