At Sugar and Plumm we invite you to indulge in our Artisan chocolates.

Artisan chocolates that are hand0crafted by our master chocolate team in our own world-class chocolate factory.


An Artisanal Macaron Maker and Chocolatier New-York french macarons

 Discover a world of enchanting confections and delectable savory dishes, all made in-house and crafted from only the freshest and most 

sought-after ingredients.    

 Our team of master chefs, pastry chefs and chocolatiers are the purveyors of all 

things delicious and delightful! 

 Our commissary makes everything handmade from scratch.  Thierry Atlan, our Master French Chocolatier Chef is at the helms of our chocolate laboratory, where only the very  best raw products go into making every piece in our exclusive line of all-natural chocolates. 

 Here at Sugar and Plumm we invite you to indulge.  An escape from the everyday for children and adults alike, a place where you can just enjoy yourself.